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Explore our range of omani thobes, emirati thobe, cotton thobes and collar thobes at an afforable price.




Close up of a Thobe Company classic white thobe worn by a model featuring crisp fabric and meticulous craftsmanship, accessorised with a luxurious silver timepiece on the wrist.

About thobe company

Thobe Company’s journey began with a clear vision. To provide authentic thobes in wholesale and retail quantities at affordable prices. Being situated in the U.K, we understand the demands of our local muslim community. We have made it our duty to explore, analyse, manufacture and provide the best mens thobes to all of our customers. Our jubbas draw inspiration from well-loved and traditional Islamic menswear. As fashion trends change, we remain dedicated to adjusting and meeting the ever-changing demands of the thobe industry.

"A model wearing Thobe Company's brown Emirati thobe, demonstrating the warm, versatile color and premium quality suitable for various occasions."

Our Commitment to Quality and Affordability

Thobe Company stands at the intersection of quality and affordability. We meticulously explore, analyze, manufacture, and provide the best Islamic clothing, ensuring that every jubba and thobe we offer draws inspiration from traditional Islamic menswear while incorporating modern trends. This dedication allows us to adjust to the ever-changing demands of the thobe industry, ensuring that our collection remains relevant and appealing. Our passion for creating affordable thobes that stays current with the latest fashion is evident in every piece we design. Our focus on offering a wide range of styles ensures that there is something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a classic men’s collared thobe or an intricately designed Emirati or Omani thobe in unique colours and fabrics.

Affordable Thobe Options for Every Occasion

We understand that our customers are looking for options that are not only stylish and authentic but also accessible. That’s why we’re proud to offer an unbeatable combination of affordability and quality across our entire range. From the everyday casual look to the more formal gatherings, our affordable thobes cater to all occasions without compromising on quality or style. Our website is designed to make choosing the right thobe easy and enjoyable. With detailed descriptions and high-quality images for each product, you can confidently select the perfect thobe to add to your wardrobe. Plus, with our ongoing exclusive offers, you’re guaranteed to enjoy significant savings year-round.
"Elegant Thobe Company navy-blue Emirati thobe displayed by a model, complemented by a red and white checkered headscarf, emphasizing the thobe's vibrant hue and sleek silhouette."
"Thobe Company's steel-blue Emirati thobe, displayed by a model with a hand on the chest, focusing on the thobe's contemporary style and muted blue tone."

Explore Our Diverse Collection of Cheap Thobes

Diversity in design and affordability is at the heart of what we do. Our collection boasts a wide range of affordable thobes, including classic collared thobes, luxurious Emirati thobes, and traditional Omani thobes, all available at prices that reflect our commitment to affordability. Each thobe in our collection is made from high-quality fabrics, chosen not only for their beauty and durability but also for their ability to offer comfort and style at an affordable price point.

Thobes at Affordable Prices: A Testament to Our Vision

Our vision to provide authentic thobes at affordable prices is not just a business model; it’s a commitment to our community. We strive to ensure that everyone can enjoy the elegance and dignity that comes with wearing traditional thobes, regardless of their budget. This commitment has driven us to become a leading provider of affordable thobes in the U.K., trusted by customers for both our quality and our prices. In conclusion, Thobe Company is more than just a retailer; we are a brand that represents the perfect blend of tradition, fashion, quality, and affordability. Our dedication to understanding and meeting the needs of the Muslim community in the U.K. and beyond has made us the go-to destination for anyone looking to purchase authentic, stylish, and affordable thobes. Explore our collection today, take advantage of our exclusive offers, and experience the best in Islamic menswear at prices that can’t be beaten. With Thobe Company, you don’t have to compromise on style or tradition to stay within your budget.
A model showcasing Thobe Company maroon Emirati thobe with intricate tassel detailing, paired with a white headscarf and a silver wristwatch, highlighting the garments rich colour and traditional design
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